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What are the characteristics of a plastic track compared to

Article author:admin Popularity:Publication time:2019-04-28 09:04
1, stable and durable
The plastic track has excellent anti-aging, ozone and UV resistance. The surface-sprayed rubber layer is more protective, ensuring that its physical properties and structural characteristics remain unchanged for a long time and prolong its service life.
Due to its stable performance and mature technology, the plastic track is currently the most widely used and more customer-selected runway product.
2, maintain performance advantages
The plastic track retains its original excellent elasticity and high friction coefficient while preventing threshing. Even in wet conditions and in inclement weather, athletes can be guaranteed to be steady, start, run, accelerate, fast and safe.
3, the plastic track surface layer structure is more reasonable
The new construction process is to spray a layer of polyurethane glue evenly on the surface after the anti-slip particles are firmly bonded, so as to cover the anti-skid particles and effectively prevent the threshing.
4, easy maintenance
The plastic track is practical and requires no special maintenance for daily use, which is easy to clean and saves management costs.
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