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Hybrid plastic track construction plan

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Hybrid plastic track paving process description:
    Process diagram:
    Sweeping the field → Primer → Mixing → Paving → Defoaming → Curing → Glue ingredients → Mixing → Paving → Defoaming → Sprinkling particles → Recycling rubber → Gluing → Measuring line → Detecting points → Completion
    Laying process description
    (1) First check the flatness of the base layer, and level the uneven parts (such as the cement raft foundation needs pickling).
    (2) Primer laying: Before laying the primer, clean the foundation and prepare the tools for construction.
    a) Measure the position of the construction line according to the process requirements and place the construction line.
    b) When laying, start from the side of the site and scrape the glue at a time according to the width of the site.
    c) The speed is even when the glue is scraped, and the glue, or flattening is applied to the exposed bottom, the depression and the protrusion in time.
    d) After the glue is formed, the whole field is inspected to ensure the thickness of the surface glue.
    (3) Paving of the face glue:
    a) Whenever the glue is scraped, try to shorten the interval between each barrel of glue, so that the glue forming speed is uniform.
    b) Always observe the thickness of the rubber surface.
    c) Squeegee glue, before the surface glue is uncured, sprinkle with red particles. After it is fully cured, clean the excess surface rubber particles.
    d) Spray glue to ensure that the particles do not fall off.
    (4) Process line smearing: Accurately measure the position of the process line according to the current track and field venue facilities standards, and then spray with polyurethane paint.
    Maintenance and maintenance of hybrid plastic track:
    1), after the completion of laying, it can be used for 7-10 days.
    2) Plastic sports venues are used for athlete training, competition and fitness exercises, and should not be used for other purposes.
    3) The edge of the runway should be protected and should not be arbitrarily moved. If the tooth is damaged, it should be repaired immediately.
    4) Athletes must wear special sports shoes. The length of the nails is generally not more than 7 mm. If there are long nails, the sneakers are not allowed to be used on the plastic track.
    5) It is strictly forbidden to drive on the plastic track, stacking heavy objects and sharp objects. So as not to damage the sports ground plastic, affecting the service life.
    6) Avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fires.
    7) Keep it clean and wash it with water. If it is accidentally sprinkled with oil, it can be cleaned with 10% ammonia or detergent.
    1. Environmental protection: non-toxic, pollution-free, and in line with environmental protection requirements;
    2, all-weather use: any season and temperature difference, can maintain a high level of quality, can be used immediately after the rain, increase the use of time, improve the site utilization rate;
    3, flexibility: with moderate flexibility and rebound, can reduce physical exertion and improve competition results;
    4, impact absorption: moderately absorb the impact of the foot, reduce sports injuries, long-term practice and competition are appropriate;
    5, weather resistance: will not fade, chalk or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet, ozone, acid rain, and can maintain its vivid color for a long time;
    6, wear resistance: to meet the needs of schools at all levels for a long time, high frequency of use;
    7, compression resistance: will not be able to restore flexibility due to the weight of the track and field equipment;
    8, anti-nail force: in the most frequently used 100 meters starting point of the force, will not be damaged by spikes or starting blocks;
    9. Impact resistance: It has a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer, which can absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged;
    10. Flatness: self-leveling material is used during construction, the surface is flat, and it can meet the requirements of particularly flat competition venues;
    11. Adhesiveness: special construction treatment, strong bonding force, can suppress the rise of water, no blistering, peeling, etc.;
    12, safety: can prevent sports injuries caused by falls;
    13. Economy: easy maintenance and saving management costs;
    14. Color: Special high-elastic EPDM and PU rubber particles, the surface color is soft, the granular surface layer prevents the reflection of glare light, beautiful and durable, and can be multi-color matching.
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