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Three major issues before the construction of the plastic ru

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1. Processing of the shell foundation
a. If the entire leveling layer is to be peeled off, it must be completely removed and then re-smoothed.
b. If it is only partially peeled off, it is only necessary to infuse a special infusion material.
2, the treatment of sanding foundation
Re-cast concrete in the entire surface layer or use a plastic runway to build a waterproof primer.
3. Processing and construction of local nodes
a, groove, root, corner treatment and construction:
The grooves are where the stress is concentrated. If the treatment is not good, the coating is detached from the substrate. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a plastic runway waterproof primer at the corner, and then make a reinforcement layer. Pay attention to the uniform thickness during construction to avoid poor liquid flow when the slope is too small.
b. Treatment and construction of the hole:
Holes with a pore diameter of more than 20 cm should be coated with a primer after the primer is applied in the hole; the hole of less than 20 cm is covered with foam and then applied.
c. Processing and construction of edges and ends:
For open sides and ends, a 1 cm wide 1-2 cm deep groove shall be cut on the foundation at the end of the head and constructed in accordance with the construction method of the expansion joint. When plastic is applied, try to make the plastic layer sloped. If the design requires a metal bead, it is not necessary to cut the groove.
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