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Breathable plastic track construction plan

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1. Preparation for loading and unloading the construction site
    1. Tape, quartz clock, ruler, stone pen, paint, wire box.
    2. Raw materials: Raw materials and synthetic materials entering the site must pass the inspection, including: black rubber particles, red rubber particles, green rubber particles, component A, component B, catalyst, thinner, and barrel must be marked with type and number.
    3, mixing field: In order to facilitate construction and short-distance transportation of raw materials, the mixing field must be selected in a reasonable position, and can not affect the construction. The floor is paved with iron or plastic cloth to prevent contamination of the ground.
    Second, the basic leveling
    1. First measure with three meters on the ruler. The vertical measurement of the arc field and the curve of the football field and the straight runway shall be measured according to the same radius, and the dent shall be indicated by a stylus. The width of each measurement shall not exceed 4 meters. .
    2. Use the matching black rubber particles, and use the straight ruler and the heated trowel to match the concave part.
    Third, the bottom of the paving
    1. Clean the entire site, first seal the eyes on the drain cover with the cut sand cloth and adhesive.
    2. Firstly adjust the paver to normal, adjust the height of the seesaw to the foundation ground as required, and the whole site should be paved from the vertical direction of the football field, then the runway.
    3. Add 20% of the binder to the black rubber pellets, add an appropriate amount of catalyst according to the temperature (saturated in the binder), stir through the mixer, and stir for 3 minutes.
    4, with a professional, one hand to manipulate the keyboard, one hand to hold the trowel, handle the edge, so that the manipulation is correct, not leaking, but the amount is not high, no shortage of material depression, with two people before paving machine Control the material, so that it does not lack material, uniform, does not affect the normal work of the machine, and then use a special person to take the heating roller to heat the leveling.
    5. After the work stoppage, cut off the power supply, and carefully clean and clean the paver.
    Fourth, the bottom of the smoothing
    First use a paper cutter to cut the drain hole. After the strength of the black rubber pellet, use a sanding machine to carefully and carefully polish the joints and uneven parts of the site to ensure that the next process is carried out normally.
    Fifth, the spraying of the surface glue
    1. Spray the football field according to the placed construction line, use the steel nails to set the plastic cloth in the red and green joints to prevent pollution, strictly implement the raw material ratio, adjust the speed of the chemical, stir evenly, and ensure the fastest use. Transfer to the sprayer hopper.
    2, the glue machine set up special personnel monitoring, control the viscosity of the material in time to grasp the amount of material, pay attention to the summer sun direct, high temperature, you must use the cover to cover the glue machine hopper to prevent the thin material from evaporating too fast.
    3, the gun holders have a strong sense of responsibility, according to the requirements of the thickness of the glue, to be uniform, the same day ingredients, the day is used up, the middle is not allowed to stop the rest, to ensure the quality of glue.
    4. Cut off the power after shutdown, carefully clean the glue machine, pipeline, spray gun with thinner materials and place the machine at the designated location for the next day's work.
    Six, line
    Carefully check the positioning size when laying the line, the line box personnel should check the width every day, must be 5 cm wide, align the empty position, gently take it lightly, accurately, compact, clean the line box at any time, no residual paint drops Falling and painting personnel should be conscientious and responsible, so that the sprayed paint is not piled up, and many are uniform. At noon, when the work is finished at night, the power supply of the air compressor should be cut off and the spray gun should be cleaned.
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