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EPDM plastic track construction plan

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First, the requirements of the foundation bottom
    1. Asphalt concrete or cement concrete can be used for foundation paving, and it is required to have certain strength and stability (cement concrete foundation needs to cut expansion joints, no waterproof layer).
    2. The foundation is strictly forbidden to produce cracks and uneven frost heaving caused by freezing.
    3. The foundation must have a good level of flatness and a specified slope.
    4. The surface must be flat to ensure drainage.
    5. The foundation surface should be kept clean and dry. After the foundation is completed, the maintenance period of 21 days or more is strictly required.
    Second, the construction process requirements
    1. Construction Classification There are two construction techniques, mechanical paving and manual paving.
    2, surface pretreatment On the basis of meeting the requirements, the surface should be cleaned with butyl ester, there must be no dirt, dust, water (including watermarks), oil stains, etc. After cleaning, apply the primer evenly on the foundation (mix the thinner: glue in a ratio of 3-4:1) to enhance its adhesion to the ground and avoid irreparable consequences.
    3, must do a small sample test before construction, pay attention to the following problems
    a: The use of materials, such as material ratio, material curing time is normal.
    b: After 24 hours, observe whether there is a non-solid phenomenon and whether the properties such as adhesion and strength meet the requirements.
    4. Preparation before work (manual) Materials, tools and equipment (claps, tweezers, soap, cars, concrete, mixers, etc.), auxiliary materials and catalyst preparation.
    5. Requirements for construction personnel (manual) The construction site of the tender yard shall be at least six persons: two materials for preparation, two materials for transportation, and two for paving.
    6. Construction (manual): After mixing the materials in proportion, pour into the paving of the site, and use the heating (heating by blowtorch) or the board after the soapy water to make a flat seam and keep the whole flat.
    7, the site thickness requirements are generally 6mm pure EPDM particles.
    8. Construction precautions (manual)
    1) The optimum construction temperature is 15-35 °C, and the temperature is too high or too low, which affects the construction.
    2) The paving tool used (commonly known as a sickle or push knife).
    3) The mixing of the mixture must be sufficiently uniform.
    4) Each batch of materials must be connected well, otherwise there will be seams if the connection is not good.
    5) Be sure to tidy when trimming.
    6) Always make ingredients in strict proportion. Depending on the particle condition, good glue is used less, and poor glue is used; large amount is used less, and small amount is used. The bottom rubber particles: glue = 6-8:1; the surface layer EPDM particles: glue = 5-6:1, the catalyst generally does not need to be added, if the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ° C, 5-10 适当 can be appropriately added.
    7) After the site is completed, check the remaining materials left in the site to make the whole site beautiful.
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