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Hybrid plastic track

  • Mixed runway Plastic sports runway overview: The plastic track is also known as the all-weather sports track. It consists of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigments, addi...
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Mixed runway
Plastic sports runway overview:
The plastic track is also known as the all-weather sports track. It consists of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigments, additives and fillers. The plastic track has a good flatness,
The characteristics of high compressive strength, appropriate hardness and physical properties, and stable physical properties are beneficial to the athletes' speed and technology, effectively improving sports performance and reducing the fall rate. Plastic track is made of urethane rubber
It is composed of materials, has certain elasticity and color, has certain anti-ultraviolet ability and anti-aging ability, and is recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports ground material in the world.
Mixed runway introduction:
The hybrid plastic track is also known as the traditional runway and has a flat and compact structure. Hybrid plastic track is generally used in professional competition venues. It is a common type of medium and high-grade track and field stadiums.
A lot higher. The hybrid runway uses high-quality, environmentally-friendly, two-component hybrid runway-specific paving materials for up to 15 years, thanks to its superior physical properties and good appearance quality.
Multi-user recognition.
Product Features
All-weather use: Any season and temperature difference can maintain high quality. It can be used immediately after rain, increasing utilization time and improving site utilization.
Elasticity: With moderate elasticity and rebounding power, it can reduce physical exertion and improve competition performance.
Impact absorption: moderately absorb the impact of the foot, reduce sports injuries, long-term practice and competition are appropriate.
Weather resistance: It will not fade, chalk or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet light, ozone and acid rain, and it can maintain its vivid color for a long time.
Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance is less than 2.5%, which meets the needs of long-term and high frequency of use at all levels of schools.
Compressibility: No resilience can be achieved due to the weight of the track and field equipment.
Anti-nailing force: It is not damaged by spikes or starting blocks in the 100-meter starting point where the maximum force is used most frequently.
Impact resistance: It has a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer, which can absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged.
Flatness: Self-leveling material is used during construction and the surface is flat to meet the requirements of a particularly flat playing field.
Adhesiveness: special construction treatment, strong bonding force, can suppress the rise of water, no blistering, peeling and so on.
Safety: Prevents sports injuries from falling.
Economy: easy maintenance and saving on management costs.
Product color

Scope of application
It is used in kindergartens and professional schools, track and field stadiums, semi-circular areas, auxiliary areas, national fitness trails, indoor stadium training track, playground road pavement, indoor and outdoor runway, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, etc. Venues, parks, residential areas and other venues.
product structure

Construction process:
(1) Ground renovation: clean the ground, remove dust and dirt, level the base, and polish the ground.
(2) Waterproof base oil coating: confirm that the substrate has been leveled, and when the water content is ≤ 8%, the high-permeability waterproof primer (BSF0401) is applied with a brush or roller to strengthen the foundation and the same The ability to bond the top layer, which acts as a waterproof reinforcement and strengthens the bond.
(3) Laying of the substrate (environmental rubber particle layer): Apply a layer of high-adhesive glue before laying the black rubber particles, and mix the environmentally-friendly black rubber particles with PU environmentally-friendly curing adhesive before the bonding glue is uncured. After the mixture is evenly mixed, it is poured on the ground, opened with a toothed PU, and mechanically leveled with a special paver according to the design thickness to control the amount and thickness; the unevenness continues to level.
(4) Surface particle spraying: PU surface paint (BSPM0423) mixed with EPDM rubber particles (anti-aging, color-resistant all-weather EPDM particles) is sprayed evenly on the upper surface of the black rubber base layer with a special spraying machine (spraying 2-3 times) ), make sure that the particle layer is even and even; the top coat wraps the EPDM particles to make the site more durable.
(5) Scribing: Use BSJX0451 white topcoat to spray sports line according to design size to ensure uniform line width, uniform color and no virtual side.
Construction process:
(1) The 13mm ventilated plastic track laying construction process is laid by a two-step construction method. The bottom layer of black rubber is paved to a thickness of 10-11 mm. After curing, a mixed layer of EPDM colloidal paint with a thickness of 2-3 mm is sprayed on the black rubber layer.
Process diagram: cleaning the site → waterproof primer coating → bonding layer coating → black rubber bottom layer paving → curing → surface layering → mixing and stirring → surface layer spraying → measuring line drawing → detecting point line → completion.
(2) Construction plan:
1 ingredients, mixing
2 primer laying
3 Spray coating of runway surface glue
4 Measurement and spraying of plastic track craft line
Construction thickness: 13mm
1. The plastic track is a track and field training, competition and healthy exercise venue, and may not be used for other purposes.
2, the plastic runway is laid, usually need to be cured after 7 days (ambient temperature 15-30 degrees Celsius) to use.
3, the plastic track can not drive vehicles, can not pile heavy objects for a long time, can not use sharp things to stab.
4. Avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fires to isolate the heat source.
5, keep clean, greased with detergent can be washed.
6, the mark line after long-term use and sun aging, when the appearance of unclear or shedding should be timely updated with similar paint.
7. Plastic track and marking line maintenance should be commissioned by an experienced construction team.
Service guarantee
◆ Warranty period
The product provided by our company has a warranty period of 3 years, and the company is responsible for lifetime maintenance of the user.
◆ Warranty scope
Cracking and foaming (from natural wear and tear, human damage, basic natural expansion and contraction, and external irresistible factors are not covered by the warranty)
◆ Warranty period
If there is any problem in the sports venue, the user should notify the company in writing, and the company will solve the problem and repair it within three days (bad weather delay).
◆ Outside the warranty period
If maintenance is required, the company actively supports the use of the unit and only charges the corresponding material fee.
◆ In case of human damage and natural disasters, the company is responsible for repairing and charging the corresponding materials.

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