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Floor mat construction

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Step 1: Site treatment
The site is leveled, clean, dust-free and water-free; and the site is slightly tilted so that there is no water in the site, drainage treatment must be done (must do the drainage trough), and the waterproof soaking product will expand;
Step 2: Positioning
According to the size of the construction site and the size of the floor mat, it is laid from the middle of the area to both sides for easy alignment and the cut parts are at the corners of the area;

Step 3: Pick the floor mat
The rubber itself has good elasticity, and the work difference of the mat is normal; firstly, the floor mat with small difference in appearance and good appearance is laid in the middle of the area;

Step 4: Clear the lines
The mat products have a grainy pattern, and the direction of the grain needs to be clarified before the paving, and the construction is carried out according to the direction to ensure the visual effect of the product and reduce the alignment error;

Step 5: Paving construction
The bottom of the floor mat must be covered with glue, aligned along the line and the four corners, and painted in the middle. If the product size is slightly different, it will be squeezed several times to make it align and hold the same line;

Step 6: Cut the oblique section against the wall
If there is a side area close to the wall, the floor mat should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees, leaving a position of 1 cm to prevent the floor mat from rising up;

Step 7: Seam and compaction
Each gap is 3m-5m and the seam is 1cm. After the gap, it can be treated with glass glue. The rainwater can not be discharged, leaving a larger gap and anti-expansion. After the paving is completed, the roller is used for compaction treatment. Is a normal phenomenon;

Step 8: Site Maintenance
After the paving is completed, the site maintenance is carried out, and the glue can be put into use after the glue is fully bonded and dried for 24 hours;
Construction requirements:
1. Must use a thickness of 2.5cm and above (1m * 1m better), slotted floor mat (old mold); lock mat mold is not recommended for outdoor.
2. It must be installed in the construction process and after 24 hours without rain before installation;
Remarks: Glue selection and use
With polyurethane glue, it is better to have two components. The floor mat is evenly covered with glue, and 3 square feet of floor mat is applied per kilogram.
Note: Please follow the instructions in the construction. If the floor mat needs to be cut, first mark the line and then use the blade to cut it; if the "construction requirements" are not met, the floor mat may be warped, deformed, etc. irrelevant.

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