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Rubber coil construction

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Product Features
Stable performance, easy installation, wide range of uses, environmental protection, non-toxic, shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-slip, significant seams, water-permeable and breathable, beautiful appearance

Product specifications

Product name thickness width length
Ht series
EPDM series
4mm-8mm 1/ 1.25m 15m
  6mm-12mm   10m

Note: The length of the mat can be cut according to the actual size of the site.

Construction Program
First, the ground requirements
1. The ground must be level, no more than 2MM error, cement foundation, marble floor, etc. can be used.
2. There is no cracking, sanding or powdering on the surface of the foundation to ensure that there is no grease, oil, dust, mud and other debris on the ground.
3, the new cement foundation will be hardened and cured for 30 days (the winter time is extended 1-2 times).
Second, the use of materials overview
1, waterproof primer (if it is tile floor, can not be used as waterproof layer, but must clean the ground water and debris)
2, two-component glue
3, Chinese body series or EPDM series coil
Third, the construction steps
(1) To clean the ground, all debris, stains, etc. on the ground must be removed, and the ground irregularities need to be removed or refilled.
(2) Chinese body series (EPDM series) coil pavement
1. Pre-station of the site: Before the coil is affixed, the coil is unfolded and tiled in the construction area for 12 hours. Then the construction area is measured and the site is pre-laid. The pre-shop should be properly reserved. Leave 5CM). When pre-laying, mark the order of the coils, top and bottom, and the pre-laying time is 2 hours. (Or before the factory cuts the coil, according to the size of the site to mark, you can save the pre-laying time, directly based on the marked coil for paving)
2. Apply two-component glue. Stirring requires a mechanical stirrer until thoroughly mixed. ------- Glue should be blended according to the glue ratio purchased by yourself.
3. Apply the two-component glue to 3~3.5 square meters per kg to paste the coil. When applying glue, do not apply too much glue to the width of 1cm at the seam of two coils to prevent the glue from penetrating from the joint.
4. Spread the coil straight on the ground just coated with glue. The interface between the coil and the coil must be tightly tight. Stick the interface between the coils with fast adhesive (such as 502 glue) or structural adhesive. Together (recommended to apply a little 10cm apart, fast adhesive should be applied to the cross section of the coil), then use a scotch tape that is not very sticky, and stick the interface at a width of about 1~2 cm! (You can't use colored tape, you can't use sticky tape).
5. The perimeter of the pavement site should be fixed with wooden strips and steel nails (the recommended thickness of the wooden strip is 2-3MM, the width is 4-5CM, and the steel nail is recommended to use 2*25MM (30MM) wood strip and the flat contact with the coil. Separate).
6. Roll back and forth with an iron roller (weight 50KG or more) to fully engage the glue and the coil and the ground.
7. The rolling start time is 30 minutes after the glue is applied, and the rolling back and forth time is 2-4 hours. (Specially within 2.5 hours after the coil is paved, it must be rolled continuously. The golden time of the glue and the coil is glued at this time. The actual rolling time can be measured in the blank.) In the place where the drum is raised, the gas from the drum is to be released with a utility knife, tilted 45 degrees with a utility knife, and the coil is cut obliquely to release the gas.
8. After the glue is solidified (3~4 hours), remove the strips. --------- You can also use wooden strips according to the actual operation, but pay special attention to the glue coating and whether the two pieces are connected when the seam is processed! ! ! !
9. Clean up the remaining materials and wastes left by the site during the construction process, empty containers and sewage, etc., and re-clean the site coils once.

Fourth, clean
1. Wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.
2, fixed weekly with a water vacuum cleaner for more than two times, the frequency depends on the degree of use.

1:3mm coil material, if it is tile surface or marble surface, you can use PVC strong glue (brand glue).
2: Rubber coil material can be done by a construction team that has to build a two-component glue.
3: Do not use a very wet mop to mop the ground to prevent water from penetrating.
4: Solid color coil (EPDM coil), the ground requirements are higher, it is best to do more than 6mm, the thicker the coil, the harder it is to drum
5: Clean and hygienic in the later stage, some dirty places can not be cleaned, you can use shoe polish to clean
6: The coil must be covered with glue

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